Do you want to know Amusart?

Connection and challenges
with method and imagination

Novelty, transformation, and challenge: these are all parts of who we are and stimulate us to continually explore new roads. We are fascinated by history, tradition, talent, and humanity. It is from here that the path we offer to classical musicians begins, a path made virtuous through the continuous exchange of ideas and constant communication.


Careful study of each client’s specific characteristics and needs is the foundation of our working method. Because promotion that has a clear objective is an exact science. Success comes from targeted study and is strengthened by the conviction that classical music has vast and exciting potential for development on the market.


Getting to know each other is fundamental to choosing each other. That’s why talking with the artists and clients is essential and we always make ourselves readily available to listen. To do this we have created a specific space for scheduling an appointment with us, so that together we can understand your needs and come up with the best solutions.


When we meet, you will realise that our first approach is to listen attentively. Only afterwards will we give you our opinion, explaining how we work and sharing our strategies. This process fosters communication, the second vital and fundamental step that paves the road toward growth and development.


Once we, together, have determined the structure of what needs to be done in order to achieve the identified objective, we will prepare a thorough proposal for you to analyse in detail. And, if you would like further explanations, modifications, or a personalised economic agreement, you can always talk to us.


This, therefore, is our idea of a professional timeline, one that is functional and fruitful in its thoroughness and in its strategic timing. Every professional and every classical music business has its own substance and value that must be represented through a close relationship and continuous communication between the agency and the client, without ever forgetting the responsibility of promoting classical music.

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Photographs, image, brand: everything must tell a story, represent the journey, renew ideas while keeping values intact.

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A digital home where the public is welcomed and where information and initiatives are made available.

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Communicating with fans and the public, involvement: discussion, interaction, empathy, and engagement.

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Nurturing of the online and social media dimension is reflected in professional sales and concert attendance


The calibre of the musical project, season, festival, and artist must correspond with its online and social media image and reputation. These days everyone turns to the internet for information, reading material, and videos. Classical musicians must always keep this in mind in order to maximise their opportunities for professional growth.