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Believe in the artists and
promote them with enthusiasm

When we select artists to represent, the first discriminating factor that we evaluate is their artistic and musical level. However, it is also necessary for them to have a solid and highly professional internet and social media communication structure in place in order to be able to penetrate the classical music market, a market whose artistic management mechanisms and marketing strategies we’re intimately familiar.

Traditional classical music agencies that manage representation of artists, do not engage in any kind of promotional work aimed at increasing concert activity. For us, on the other hand, promoting our clients via all of our channels is of fundamental importance and, together with our network of contacts and the right timing, helps to pave the road towards achieving professional goals.

Transparency is always important: there is no such thing as a miracle. It takes months of hard work, trust, and collaboration to begin seeing the fruits of the investments made and the time spent. After all, if just writing an email were enough, the world would be full of artist managers!

It is precisely for this reason that the space we dedicate to the representation of artists is well-calibrated and that we welcome, with candour and without giving false hope, only artists that we truly believe have a real chance to grow and make a name for themselves in the classical music industry, an industry that now offers many more possibilities for professional and financial success.

In short, music commerce is, now more than ever, a reality even in the classical music industry. This means that artists now have more professional opportunities than ever before, which also implies a proportional increase in the amount of work required for promotion and communication.


We believe in our artists and promote them because we realise how valuable and unique they are. We know how much one of their performances is able to engage an audience and how attentive they are to their internet and social media presence. Here they are!





06_CR AttilaKleb




Santacolomba by melita


Simovic ©-Sasha-Gusov-DSC_9564-light 2