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Guglielmo Pellarin


We oversaw the total restyling of Guglielmo Pellarin’s website, reprogramming it entirely using a customised WordPress platform with plug-ins and widgets and in a multilingual version.

The artist needed his website to showcase his work as a concert musician, but also as a teacher. Therefore we dedicated an entire menu item to his masterclasses, making it easy for users to find out everything they want to know about his educational activities.
In Guglielmo Pellarin’s projects, chamber music is very important, in particular with the Opter Ensemble, which is why he created his own section within the site, complete with a special press kit.
Meanwhile, all of the materials available for consultation by users are present in the Media menu: albums, audio, photo gallery, videos, reviews, and press kit.

The website, therefore, covers everything about Guglielmo as an artist and teacher, and is well-organised and easy-to-navigate, for a thorough user experience that is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

Concept: Tiziana Tentoni by Amusart


  • Guglielmo Pellarin


  • Ecograph by Amusart


  • 2019