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A multilingual website with customised plug-ins and widgets for the violin-cello-contrabass group Gli Archimedi.

The website’s concept, which focuses on the group’s journey, led us to create some special menu items for them, like That’s It Folks, in which each member is introduced, and, in particular, Il Viaggio (The Journey), a section that explains the ensemble’s way of playing with music: from how their arrangements are born to the post-concert moment, with a special area dedicated to friends of the trio.

Videos, audio, calendar, reviews, photo gallery, etc. are all well-organised in the Media section.

All updates, such as adding concerts, videos, audio, text, etc., can be handled easily and autonomously by the artists through the use of a simple administration panel.

Concept: Tiziana Tentoni by Amusart


  • Gli Archimedi


  • Ecograph by Amusart


  • 2019