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Enrico Maria Polimanti


For pianist Enrico Maria Polimanti we created a multilingual website using a proprietary and customised CMS.
Five easily accessible sections provide an optimal user experience.
When users arrive at the website, they can immediately choose what to look at according to their needs: biography, to get to know the artist better; downloadable press kit for organisations; calendar, to find out about upcoming concerts; gallery, to browse through the many photographs; or contacts, to request more information.
Of all the sections, the Music section is the most characteristic of the website, featuring essays written by the artist, his discography, and reviews about him: a window into his rich and engaging artistic career.

Updates to the website can be easily handled by the artist himself through the use of an intuitive administration panel.

Concept: Tiziana Tentoni by Amusart


  • Enrico Maria Polimanti


  • Ecograph by Amusart


  • 2015