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The Duo Bianchi Demicheli needed to create a website that was not only their own, but also a container for their numerous projects, including that of L’Archicembalo, the ensemble they created in 2000.

We therefore created a multilingual website on a WordPress CMS implemented and customised with plugins and widgets, divided into the following sections:
– Noi, where the Duo introduces itself and tells its story, and where the numerous projects they are involved in are showcased;
– L’Archicembalo, the page entirely dedicated to the ensemble, specialising in the performance of repertoire from Baroque to early Classicism, complete with dedicated presskit;
– Calendar, where there are all the concert appointments of the Duo and their ensembles;
– Media, the section of Video-Recensions-Photographs-CD, full of content about L’archicembalo, the Duo and the Ensemble Perosi;
– Contact


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  • 2021