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Boidi Piano Duo


For Boidi Piano Duo we created a modern website with essential lines, which finds its functional node in the visual element.
Working on a multilingual CMS wordpress platform, we created a website with a one-page structure.

As you scroll down the page you immediately open the door to their web home: who they are, what they do, the latest news, a media section full of photos and videos with immediate access, and their management. At the same time we created a bio page with the most important information and quick access to news, agenda and press kit that can be downloaded both traditionally and with QRcode.

To characterise the site, we defined the font and the dominant colour.

We used the colour red, dear to Boidi Piano Duo, which together with black was used for the details (links, highlighted words, buttons). Red is also the colour of the logo created for them.

As for the font, we opted for a serif, a font with the right contrast and balance with that of the logo.


  • Boidi Piano Duo


  • Amusart


  • 2021