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Antonio Trovato


An eye that is attuned to spirituality and to an intimate connection with nature, which are the driving forces behind pianist and composer Antonio Trovato’s creative genesis. For the client we created a multilingual website using a customised WordPress CMS platform.
The home page, with an automatically scrolling slider, immediately represents who the artist is: a pianist whose spirituality and strong connection to nature drive his art.

The artist wanted users to feel engaged in his compositional experience and what inspires it. That’s why we created a section entitled Creative Genesis, in which all of his compositions are featured, along with a description of what inspired them.
Concert dates and collaborations are found in the Music is Life section, while Media contains all of the artists’ audio and video content, photographic material, publications, and reviews.

Concept: Tiziana Tentoni by Amusart


  • Antonio Trovato


  • Ecograph by Amusart


  • 2018