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Parsifal Piano Trio


The Parsifal Piano Trio, consisting of Anna Paola Milea (piano), Jalle Feest (violin), Emilia Slugocka (cello), approached Amusart to create a visual identity project for a new website as a prelude to the release of the new album.
We recreated the setting of a winter garden, where the protagonists are clearly defined by an outfit with a different colour point for each one.
Pink for the violinist Jalle Feest, sweetness and vitality at the same time.
Electric blue, derived from the glow of lightning for pianist Anna Paola Milea, founder of the trio. An energetic colour, symbolising her irrepressible soul.
Green for cellist Emilia Sludocka, a colour representing calm, tranquillity and perseverance.

Concept: Rugiada Tentoni for Amusart


  • Parsifal Piano Trio


  • Alberto Mantegna by Amusart


  • 2021