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Duo Bianchi Demicheli


The Duo Bianchi Demicheli wanted to undertake, together with Amusart, a big change: the visual identity, a new logo for the Duo and the restyling of the one of their ensemble, L’Archicembalo, a new web home and social media training.

In order to convey the great friendship and deep artistic union that binds Daniela Demicheli and Marcello Bianchi, we carried out a digital transformation starting from the photographs of both the Duo, in which the understanding between the musicians is palpable, and of their flagship project, L’Archicembalo, to continue with the new logo and website in which all the projects have found the right space.


Concept: Tiziana Tentoni for Amusart


  • Duo Bianchi Demicheli
  • L’Archicembalo


  • Jesús López B. by Amusart


  • 2021