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Boidi Piano Duo


Luciano and Daniele Boidi represent a new conception of the piano duo that is born as such and carries with it the value of a definitive choice.
The image becomes an intense communication of music, goals, challenges and excellence.

The photographic concept aims to make tangible the artistic and emotional union, the complementarity of the two brothers in music and sport, their way of tackling both musical and sporting challenges with determination, vitality and cheerfulness.

Colour and movement, the elements chosen for the photo shoot:
– red energy and action, blue balance, calm, perseverance and constancy.
– movement in playing, with the momentum of the arms on the keys, and sporting in the game of ‘weight lifting’.

All these characteristics can be found in Luciano and Daniele Boidi, in everything they do, both in their musical and sporting lives.
Dedication and impetus, contemporaneity applied to two areas that are classics by history.

Concept: Rugiada Tentoni for Amusart


  • Boidi Piano Duo


  • Alberto Mantegna by Amusart


  • 2021