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Visual identity is the term we use to indicate the creation of a visual identity through a photo shooting or a video. The image is a vehicle: of the artistic level, of the path taken, of the goals achieved and to be achieved, of the values, of the details, of the emotions, of the desire to grow and to give a positioning to the work done.

The image is the sole protagonist of communication and promotion: having a recognisable visual identity, well cared for and true to one’s personality or the value of one’s project, means enhancing opportunities and achieving the result one has set out to achieve.

How is a visual identity created with Amusart?

  • Getting to know the artist or project in depth
  • Sharing the objectives to be achieved
  • Propose a concept of values to be transmitted
  • Organise the location of the shots or filming
  • Choosing outfits, make-up, set design, aesthetics of moving images
  • Realise some shots or filming with live broadcasts on social networks to start promoting the change already in progress
  • Analyse together the final version and post production choices
  • Present the material

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