Identifying with a symbol

Duo Bianchi Demicheli

Duo Bianchi Demicheli Logo 2021


The design of the new Duo Bianchi Demicheli logo is part of the visual identity, brand identity and website project.

Marcello Bianchi and Daniela Demicheli needed to create a logo that would be representative of the nature of their artistic partnership.

We therefore worked on two distinctive elements of their instruments: the black and white keys of the piano and the sound box of the violin.
Thinking also of the great and deep bond of friendship that binds the two musicians, we also played with the initials of their names, M and D, merging the sound box with the idea of D and the lines of the keys with those of M, to testify to the unity of the duo, in which Marcello’s violin can be Daniela’s D, and Daniela’s piano recalls Marcello’s M.

Concept: Tiziana Tentoni for Amusart


  • Duo Bianchi Demicheli


  • Ecograph by Amusart


  • 2021