Identifying with a symbol

Boidi Piano Duo


The design of the new logo for the Boidi Piano Duo is part of the visual identity, brand identity and website project created for the piano duo formed by brothers Luciano and Daniele Boidi.

The concept revolves around two elements: the surname and the duo.

A surname for two: each letter is divided into two parts.
A division that creates a single entity, representing two people who together are one, testifying to the strong personal and artistic bond between the Boidi brothers.

The logo was designed in red, a strong colour that communicates energy, strength and movement. For use on the website, however, we used the black monochrome version to better match the photographs we took for the duo.

Concept: Pietro Barone for Amusart


  • Boidi Piano Duo


  • Pietro Barone for Amusart


  • 2021