The Power of Sharing


Social media must be well curated, either personally or with the help of professionals. Managing professional pages dedicated to classical music on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is complex and risky for one’s online reputation because it is difficult to accurately gage the extent of visibility that a single post attracts after you click Publish.

It is important to understand that an approach to social media within the classical music industry has dominant and specific characteristics that it is crucial to take into account.

That’s why, we have decided to combine our social media management service for artists, institutions, and companies operating in the classical music industry, with a service dedicated to social media training, so that our clients may gain a solid understanding of the technical, ethical, promotional and content-related aspects of social media.



Setting up automatic posts when using social media professionally is a good idea every so often.


Each social network is different from the others and it is limiting to think of them as all the same. Structuring texts, choosing tags, and selecting suitable hashtags is fundamental to creating result that stimulates engagement and sharing.


When it comes to classical music, it’s strategic to be able to promote yourself through social media. Do you want to advertise one of your YouTube clips? Do it with a Facebook post (but with the link in the first comment!).


Was your CD released? Use a tweet to promote it. Will you be part of a paid online event? Create Instagram stories from backstage and rehearsals! 


A personal profile on Facebook and Instagram is fine for having fun!

But if you want to use social media professionally, then you need to open a Facebook Page and link it to an Instagram Business account. The two become honorary brothers and work sensationally together. Give it a try and tell us what you think!



The creation of content optimised for the shared editorial line, complete with digital pr, photos, graphics and videos.

The setting up of a social calendar updated online and shared between the client and the team in order to always have a clear status of publications.

Direct content publication in close correlation with communication needs and real-time user moderation.

Monthly reporting of results and statistics and strategies to increase reach and engagement

Paid promotions (budget to be defined) included in the service, report on results and in-depth brief.

To all professionals, institutions, associations and companies working in the field of classical music.


We will teach you how to structure a text effectively, how to use tags and hashtags, how to optimise content for different social media.

The guidelines for planning your social calendar and managing the best tools to keep everything under control and save time.

We will teach you about publishing and moderation techniques and introduce you to the best software for scheduling releases.

We will take you inside the pages of insight data and guide you through the reading of statistics and percentages.

We will take you into the interface of the Ad Management and clarify the basic rules for the effective implementation of a promotion.

To all professionals working in the field of classical music: musicians, singers, conductors, agencies, press officers, associations, institutions, academies, music shops and music schools.