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Develop an
image-building strategy

Building an artist’s or institution’s image is a complex process that in and of itself is made up of various elements. “Image” is, in fact, everything that represents the client to the outside world: a photograph, a logo, a website, a graphic style, social media content, how one is represented in a video, which professional channels embrace specific skills and turn them into business. Everything contributes to the creation of a high quality online presence that is up to par with the client’s musical, cultural, and artistic value.


Amusart is the first classical music agency in Europe which, in addition to managing the sale and promotion of concerts, projects, and events, has curated the image and visual identity of classical musicians and institutions for years. And it continues to do so not only creatively innovatively, and effectively, but also with in-depth knowledge of the market, expertise in the system’s mechanisms, and direct experience in every sector of the classical music industry.