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More and more classical music artists are deciding to run their businesses on their own and have a regular need to check the determinants of management, web and social media. 

There are many topics we discuss with clients who wish to consult:

  • How to set up a website;
  • How to manage social media with an editorial plan;
  • How to communicate via email for concert proposals;
  • How to identify institutions and promoters to whom to send proposals;
  • How to promote a CD;
  • How to choose an agency;
  • How to set up email marketing;
  • Which tools to use to balance the need to continue studying and performing with the need to take care of management, web and social aspects.

On all these issues, and many more, we engage with clients and artists who want professional guidance to support important decisions and complex strategies in their artistic and commercial activities.

Who will do the consulting?

It will be Tiziana Tentoni, our general manager, founder and creative director, who will personally follow the clients on their path of comparison, learning and growth.

Her experience as a violinist first and as a manager in the field of promotion, marketing and communication of classical music now, allows her to have an in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate the activity of a classical music professional and of the aspects of digital marketing to increase the audience and boost the sales of institutions and companies.

How will it be organised?


A free telephone interview to listen to needs, give initial advice and assess together the real need for in-depth advice.


If you will decide to buy one or more consultancies, you can do so either by bank transfer or by credit card.


You can choose the dates and times through a shared calendar and, if you need to, you can change them with a single click.


The examination of the sent material will be the starting point to place your needs, analysing and deepening each element.


Determining the topics and the work plan and confirming specific needs will allow a balanced and effective course to be followed.


The consultancy will take place on Google Meet and will last 90 minutes with analysis of the submitted material, strategies, considerations and practical advice.

Schedule a free phone call with Tiziana, you decide the date and time: it will be exactly that, a phone call to get to know each other, you will explain your business, talk about your needs and you will already have the first advice.

Together you will understand if consulting can help you find useful solutions that can be put into practice immediately.

This way you will have clear ideas to think about before deciding whether this is what you really need.

What are the costs?


with Tiziana Tentoni
  • 1 90 minute-videocall
250 /+ VAT


with Tiziana Tentoni
  • 2 90 minute-videocall
400 /+ VAT


with Tiziana Tentoni
  • 3 90 minute-videocall
500 /+ VAT